Tegin Fashion House is one of the most recognized Russian brands worldwide. Originally from Kiev, the constructor and visionary designer Svetlana Tegin, started her career creating costumes and decorations for art performances and fashion shows. At the end of the 90s, fashion media like Vogue and the Cosmopolitan started to write about Svetlana, and Tegin Fashion House opened in 2001.

Tegin became very well known in Russia for the quality of its Mongolian cashmere and original design, and Tegin Fashion House quickly conquered wider attention with its amazing coats and evening dresses.

Being the pioneer of contemporary constructions and minimalistic design while touching the extravagant, Svetlana and her team quickly became the magic little hands behind the Red Carpet looks in her region (ex USSR). Tegin creates a unique style in her collections with intellectual and philosophical content. You can feel the spirit of Art is everywhere in Tegin House, in the air, in its walls and its dreamy atmosphere. Come experience it yourself and enjoy!